Sunday, February 2, 2014

A New Song, Some Old Songs, Classier Entertianment Than Previous Years

1. We're singing a new song that I like. It stays in my head all day and I hum it or sing it as I go about the house.
2. Steve played all the Electric Light Orchestra albums we have. I never would have thought to put those on and it was a lot of fun. Familiar songs, the music and lyrics that never leave your brain but are merely buried deep down in there somewhere. You hear one or two notes and the song pops right back up to the surface and off the tongue. (I wish I could recall all knowledge like this.)
3. There was a football game on the TV tonight and a few guys came over to watch with Steve. N. came with her husband and we made our own little party in a different room. At halftime, the guys and girls switched places.
3a. N. is a professional baker and she brought amazing cupcakes, each one different. I looked and thought a long time before I could decide which one to choose.


  1. I have had the cupcake indecision before and quite understand!

    My ex-husband was at an airport gate with the Electric Light Orchestra once (and subsequently on the airplane with them.) I haven't thought of them in years!

  2. One of each cooke would have been my choice, Lee.