Friday, January 24, 2014

Today's Normal, Heckel and Jeckel, Do I Know You?

1. Wow! 8° was a cold way to start the day. The school buses were running but the bus garage called to tell us they wouldn't be able to come all the way up our road. Tess had to meet the bus two miles down. We were forced to get out and function and be hardy, scraping windshields, preheating cars, and covering exposed skin. Normal things have become rather exciting and death-defying : )
2. Today was the second day that I saw these two black crows sitting together on the same guardrail. The sun glints on their beaks and shines on their feathers. I think they're having a nice little chat.
3. Lesson learned today: Always enter a name with someone's cell phone number into your contacts. Otherwise you won't recognize who has sent the long, cryptic text and you'll feel like a dope when you reply that you don't know them. It gave us a good laugh, anyway.


  1. Acck! I just discovered that when I made the switch to feedly for blog reading, you got left off the feed!
    Share your secret of how you manage to blog every day!!
    The wind last night almost blew us away! Yes, these below freezing days and nights are bracing aren't they? Grace

  2. Love the black crows visiting with each other. :)