Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Old Fashioned Way, Company, Catching Up

1. Years ago I bought a bean pot at a yard sale, complete with lid. I finally put it to use today and cooked a pot of authentic baked beans. They take an entire day to bake and the house smelled of molasses and brown sugar throughout. The brown, clay bean pot was the perfect vessel in which to bake them. The syrup bubbled up and dripped over the edges. Near the end, little pieces of salt pork and onion were stirred up from the bottom to brown at the top. I halved the recipe and it still made a lot.
2. I was alone all day so it was nice when Daughter #3 stopped in. She took a nap in her old room. : )
3. I caught up on lots of year-end reporting and now I don't feel behind (so much). 

Before baking. They cooked up dark and syrupy.


  1. They must have been good! Hard to imagine the oven being on all day like that. I have one of those bean pots, too. I got at the Williamsburg Pottery.

  2. While I enjoy baked beans and have done them stovetop, I realize the flavor was not nearly the same as all day baking in a bean pot. Yours must have been delicious, Lee.