Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cabin Fever, Wake Up!, Breakfast for Dinner

1. Make that seven. Tomorrow will be eight. Eight days of free "vacation". This is what happens when it snows four inches in Virginia.
1a. As long as I'm home...I got all the tax work done for the church. Yay! That was a big item to check off my imaginary list.
2. I bundled up and walked across the field with the excuse of checking the horses' hay. It was cold and the air felt good and invigorating. I stood around filling the water trough because it was too nice to go back in so soon.
3. I made B.'s recipe for Bacon and Cheddar Scones. These scones are a real treat and they made an excellent dinner with eggs. Recipe here.


  1. I wonder why they even bother going back on a Friday! Nobody is going to learn anything. :-)

  2. mmm, scones are great with any meal. lucky you!

  3. You have the same church job as my sister! And those scones look so good.