Sunday, January 12, 2014

An Oriole Perhaps, Sunday's Theme, I Need to Bake Another

1. High up in the bare Maple tree I spot a tidy, little hanging nest. It's a perfectly shaped, round little cup hanging from pencil-thin branches. I do believe there's horse hair woven into it : )
2. There were so many encouraging thoughts in the sermon today. Referencing Mark 4 and the familiar story of Jesus calming the storm, Pastor L. asks, "How much would Peter have missed if he hadn't gone after Jesus?!" The main point being how we respond to fear and crises in our lives.
2a. To bless the Lord in times of abundance and in times of want.

3. I haven't baked a lemon meringue pie in ages. This one came out exceptionally good and I attribute it to the My*T*Fine pie filling my mom sent from New York. You'd think pudding is pudding, but nope.


  1. Oh, boy! I need to respond to fear so much better! And I need to bless the Lord today when I feel so unlovable and unsuccessful; yet I know I am so blessed.

    Enjoy that pie!