Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Beauty, Lost in Time, A Long Day

1. We took the ornaments off the tree and sighed at its beauty, even undressed.
2. If you take the ornaments off the tree, you will need to retrieve boxes from the storeroom. If you retrieve boxes from the storeroom, you will need to tidy the storeroom, When you tidy the storeroom, you will need to organize the contents in other boxes...Yes, I expected this. What is there to do but embrace it?
2a. One Rubbermaid tote contains all our winter mittens, hats, and scarves from the past twenty-five years. There's a little white scarf I crocheted when Claire was a baby, and the two that Aunt Sue knit when the girls were toddlers. We have mittens that patted snowmen and tugged sleds up hills, scarves that wrapped ruddy cheeks and hats that slid down over wet tendrils of blond hair. They've all been worn so little since we left New York. I launder everything just to freshen them and then carefully repack them. A time capsule from another time...
3. Steve makes it safely home, off the highway and out of the nasty weather.


  1. You are an organizer. I have spurts of that, but have a hard time parting with things. I was going to organize my jewelry when was off, but spent the earlier part of this week doing other things. I did organize my Christmas decorations better in the boxes they came out of.

    Lovely to have all those knitted things just in case!

  2. #2 reminds me of the book, "If you give a mouse a cookie"

  3. Those lovingly stored winter caps might just be passed onto to grands one day and so on and so. When we didnhave a live tree, we usually would try to make is last until the first week in Jan and then go through the same process. With all the ornaments in a storage unit since putting the house up for sale, we made do with a small pre-lit tree from a local thrift store and added some mini ornaments bought from anothe thrift sotre. These will now be stored for a future Christmas. Glad Steve made it home safely.