Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tis the Season, Santa's Helpers, More Love in a Box, Getting With the Program

1. In the school environment it is easy to be in step with the heartbeat of the seasons. They factor into almost every activity and conversation.
2. It took a small moving van and a happy crew of six to collect all the gifts that generous families donated. They will go to eighteen children who will assuredly have a happy Christmas.
3. I collect a box from the post office. It's from Chelsea and Chad in Colorado! At home, she talks me through opening the box via cell phone. There's a fun assortment of wrapped packages to go under the tree. One special box for me is to be carried off to my bedroom and opened soon. That's what she said to do : )
4. Thank goodness I got into cleaning mode! Things were going to pot around here. This led me into decorating mode which became a creative outlet which buoyed my spirits.

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  1. Well now I want to know what the present in the bedroom is!