Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Three Beautiful Things and One Negative Footnote

1. My brown wool pants with the lining feel good to wear.
2. A perfect day for gardening. Down on the ground, digging and thinking, thinking and digging. Dig a hole, plop a daffodil bulb in, cover it up, repeat. All the way up the fence line. I think of spring with hopes of seeing these daffodils emerge.
2a. My cell phone rings so I pull off my gardening gloves and lie back on the grass to chat with Claire.
3. Tess and I are still on our Big Bang Theory marathon and loving it.

From Monday: Tess and I went to the mall at 6:00PM. It was peaceful and quiet. We found that every store had 40% and 50% off sales. I refuse to shop over Thanksgiving. There's absolutely no need for it. And I refuse to be a puppet to consumerism, jumping through circus hoops on "Gray Thursday" or "Black Friday"and becoming an embarrassment to all mankind on the nightly news fighting over some electronic.


  1. Enjoyed the previous posts, Lee, as well as the lovely family photos and those wonderful baked goods! We did not venture out for any sales and have yet to do any shopping, which will be limited to the grandkids and not excessively at that. Funny how people have lost the spirit of the holiday as being what's in your heart and not what's in your hand (quoted from a song on Alabama's Christmas CD and one of our all time favorites).

  2. Lying on the grass talking on the phone sounds lovely.