Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thinking of Snow, With Spit, This One?

1. I hear a motor running outside which means he got the snow blower working. He had the engine entirely apart to find what parts were broken. And then we all got to inspect said parts in a plastic baggie all week : ) Who knows if we'll need a snow blower this year, but it's good to have equipment working and ready in case...Of course, if he didn't have it working we would surely get dumped with snow.
2. Jack says, "Puffs" by making a "P" sound followed by raspberries on the end. "Pffthsss" 
3. Steve suggests a walk and the three of us, plus Henri, go. We walk past the Christmas Tree Farm and notice a steady stream of customers. On our way back we hear someone calling to us from that direction. It's some friends of ours and we walk over to see the tree they're considering. After we get home, the phone rings with another friend calling from the tree farm asking to use our truck. The tree they chose is too big for their vehicle. "Griswald" style as she describes it. : )

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