Friday, December 13, 2013

Lit from Within, Another Semester Down, Another World

1. Long winter nights are synonymous with glowing candlelight. Thirty winters ago I was given this hunk of heavy glass, blown to look like an ice ball. It's lighted inside with a tea light and I love the way it glows from within.
2. A room full of happy, pretty, college girls calls out, "Goodbye" in unison and it sounds like a song.
3.  We went downtown to a movie tonight. Living so far out in the country, it's easy to forget that the entire world doesn't live in quiet darkness. So many Christmas lights and headlights!
3a. We passed magnificent homes with lighted trees in the windows and rooms lit from within. One home had a wing with floor to ceiling windows and an elegant grand piano in stately presence. It looked just like a home from a porcelain Christmas village


  1. Candles are always lit on winter nights here. We dine by their glow and have been re-watching our favorite holiday films by candlelight each night. We miss the decorations and lights that we used to see in our native NJ. Folks around these parts do not decorate as much. What was the film?

  2. So many beautiful things here!

  3. I love the glowing candlelight in the glass ice ball.