Monday, December 30, 2013

Keeping Winter, A Good Book, No Appetite for Clutter

1. Even though Christmas is winding down, winter has just begun. To beat the darkest days of the season, I'll leave wintery themes and sparkling lights here and there for a few more weeks.

2. Another quiet day for laundry and reading. I'm reading "The Snow Child" by Eowyn Ivey. The eerie theme and 1920's Alaskan setting makes me wrap my shawl tighter as the winter wind rattles our windows tonight.
3. As Daughter #3 moves out of her room, we are left with bags for Goodwill. The timing is perfect for my annual "sweeping of the house". I'll sort and box and organize and feed the hungry monster within me that craves to de-clutter closets and shelves.


  1. Love the photos and learning what you are reading...I keep a separate book blog. Have not heard of Snow Child but as we journey southward in a few weeks to warmer climes, I will check on that. Plenty cold and Arctic like here this winter. I will be taking down and packing away holiday decors tomorrow as I am confined to quarters--liquid fast and then later in the day the fun begins to prepare for my 10 year colonosopy follow up...well nothing like starting the New Year cleaned! Happy New Year

  2. Our best wishes to you and your family, Lee, for a very Happy New Year. It's been very enjoyable to read your posts. thanks for sharing your feelings and observations in words and photos. I agree that leaving some of the holiday decos in place longer is a wonderful idea. And, i also will be decluttering more's a good feeling.