Sunday, December 22, 2013

Joy, What's Up With This?, Stitching

1. Joy is represented on this fourth Sunday of Advent. I am thankful to hear the quiet words of the Gospel that drown out the noisy, clamoring distractions that have become Christmas. The words that turn us inward toward the true gift we celebrate.
Our joy is not based on circumstance, but on the eternal promise that God is with us.
2. OK, the weather is weird. Balmy, rainy, smells-like-spring weather. 
2a. We watched the movie, "Prancer" and I liked seeing the snow. Even the dirty, slushy snow in the movie makes me long for it.
3. I began sewing Jack's Christmas stocking. Toy-shaped felts are blanket stitched onto the background. The blanket stitches look like Stonehenge. One of the nice things about hand work; thoughts are free to meander.

*Anyone who lives nearby and does not have a church at which to celebrate Christmas is warmly invited to Wellspring Church for Christmas Eve service, Tuesday at 5:00PM.


  1. You have such a wonderful family - I was reading the last few posts. It's amazing how far behind one can get reading blog posts. :) Love that you are making your grandson's stocking.

  2. Merry Christmas, Leonora. I hope you have a special holiday.