Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Second Day After

1. We celebrated Marian's third birthday today. She was totally into decorating the cupcakes.
2. One of her cousins called me Nonni even though we're not related. I remember all the kids in my neighborhood referred to my aunt as Aunt Katherine because that's what we called her. I'm OK with being Nonni to all.

 3. Mari is so happy that the big kids indulge her with play.
* Her Grandma and Grandpa H. gave her this cool fort building set. It can be built in all different shapes; igloo, castle, tunnel, etc. It comes with sticks and connectors and you add your own sheet or blanket.


  1. I've missed so many of your posts! I have read them all though. Love the idea of this fort - the kids in our family always made them with pushed together chairs and sheets.

  2. Any idea where this cool fort could be purchased? We have a couple of kidlets that would love this.Thanks!