Saturday, November 16, 2013

Separate Paths to the Same End, Ten Feet, Bare Wood and Crunchy Leaves

1. To have a Saturday when we are both feeling well and have no commitments outside the home. Although he and I work on separate projects, our purpose is united in that it all benefits the common good of "keeping house".

2. The smell and feel of natural linen as I hem a long length for our Thanksgiving table. I ordered it from It's a bargain at $8.01/yard.
2a. Steve is building another leaf for our table which will extend it's length to ten feet. Now we can all sit at one table for holiday dinners.

3. These are November woods, my favorite kind for tramping through. I won't go farther than our own field for now...until hunting season is over.


  1. Make sure you wear something red even in your own fields!

  2. That's neat to have house projects. And yes - I like to think of you being careful.