Friday, November 22, 2013

Clever Sweets, Company's Coming!, Open Door

 1. A parent made sweets that brought a smile to everyone's faces. She made dozens of these cute creations to hand out to the children and generously left the staff with some too. They were sealed in tiny plastic bags, but I could smell the chocolate all morning while I worked. *Mr. Turkey got a little beat up in my purse on the way home.
2. Uncle Jimmy and Jacob arrived from New York this afternoon. We're so happy to see family that it feels celebratory. Audrey and Jared joined the party. She had not seen her uncle in at least five years. Plenty of, "Remember When..." stories were told.
2a. I can't help but exclaim how my fifteen year old nephew is taller than me! Such a typical "aunt" remark.
3. Very mild temperatures allowed us to sit on the porch well into the night. Home brew and cigars all around. : )

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  1. How lovely that you have family in. And that turkey is cute!