Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Baking Day, With an Occasional Squall, They're Here!

1. Four pies and two loaves of cranberry nut bread sit cooling on the counter. It's a pretty sight to see this morning's work laid out.

2. Snow flurries fly past the windows on a frenzied wind. It makes the kitchen feel welcome and cozy.
3. I bundle up and go out to find the berries and twigs that I'll use to make place cards for the Thanksgiving table. I'm bundled up properly so it's not that bad outside. The walk clears my head of all the 'busy-ness' that was tumbling around in there.
4. Claire and her family arrive, blown in by the cold and blustery wind.
5. We dine on take out pizza. I love the garlic dipping sauce/guilty indulgence from Papa John's.

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