Thursday, October 31, 2013

Where to Hide It?, Gathering the Colors, Mini Pot Pies

1. Gray squirrel scampers across the lawn with a big Black Walnut in his mouth. He dig, dig, digs in the grass to bury it. Nope, not the right spot. Dig, dig, dig. Nope, not the right spot, Dig, dig, dig. Nope, not the right spot. He tries again and again and ends up scampering away with the nut still in his mouth. If he's going to be that neurotic about burying his nuts, he'll never be ready for winter.
2. It's both balmy and blustery today, blowing the leaves straight off the trees. Henri and I took a stroll to gather a bouquet of leaves in red, orange, and yellow. I got up under a Maple covered in yellow leaves and pushed my head into the lower branches to reach some nice ones. The blinding yellow leaves rustled and swirled around my head making it feel like I should back out and return to reality.
2a. Pressing leaves in wax paper.
3. I made our chicken pot pies in the little pie tins. This made them taste better, of course : )

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