Sunday, October 6, 2013

Weekend in Raleigh

1. We tossed our overnight bags into the trunk, loaded Henri into the back seat and drove off for the weekend. We made it only as far as Boones Mill before we stopped at a church yard sale. Thirty minutes out and I'm already having fun.
2. A fifty-pound bag of apples takes up half the trunk. It's a joy to open the trunk and smell the apple- sweet scent.
3. Jack lies across Steve's lap, gazing up at his Pop and just chilling out. Steve plays a tune on the recorder for him. Then he hands Jack a penny whistle and Jack blows into it. He keeps blowing and here they play a duet.
4. I call Mari over to my suitcase and I tell her that I have something for her. She squats down close while I open the zipper and slide out a new book for her. She's very happy with this gift and she wants me to read it to her right away. When it's finished she asks, "What else do you have for me in your suitcase?"
5. Mari shows me something she discovered in her rice box. I act surprised and say, "Well whadya know!" Without looking up from her play, in a matter-of-fact voice she says, "I know everything."
6. It just want to hug, squeeze, kiss, and smoosh my grandchildren. I know kids find this annoying as all get out, so I use every ounce of self control to restrain from this behavior.
7. When it's time for me to leave, Mari thanks me for the book and the pumpkins. I'm impressed by her good manners and that she remembered this from the day before.
8. We take a leisurely drive home through scenic Hillsborough. It's a beautiful weekend for a southern autumn drive. We make two more impromptu stops at junk/antique shops. We show each other the favorite things we find. Steve shows me a delicate pink and floral tea set. He says if one of our daughters was just setting up house, he would choose this for them. He hands me a cup so I can feel how delicate it is.


  1. You sound like my sis - she wants to smoosh her grandson, too.