Saturday, October 19, 2013

A New Song, Dating, Stacked and Ready

Perfect for holding herbed olive oil for dipping crusty bread.

The lemon and orange zest in these packets is moist, not dried. A gem of a gift.
1. Strummed by the wind, dry leaves rustle an October song.
2. Antique shops, farmers markets, Local Roots restaurant, photography shoots, hiking, and movie nights at home; these are the destinations Daughter #4 and her boyfriend choose for dates. She comes home with old books, tin types, photographs, and interesting stories of people they've met.*
3. Steve arrives home with a truckload of firewood that he and John cut over the summer. It's neatly stacked and ready for the dropping temperatures.
3a. B. sent him home with some of her pottery- little bread dipping bowls, and packets of lemon and orange peel brought back from Germany. A gift for no reason : )

* This is not the typical dating scene we commonly hear about. No wild parties, underage drinking, sex or drugs as the movies tend to portray. This is our dating reality and the reality for most families we know. I am not naive as to what goes on, I grew up in the 60's in the thick of it all. However, the media tends to lean towards reporting all that is wrong and twisted in society rather than focus on what is good and noble. I hate being brainwashed that way. 
Speaking of brainwashing: 

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