Monday, September 30, 2013

"Virginia is for Lovers", My Favorite Fall Color (for Today), All's Well That Ends Well

1. I remember now why I love Virginia so much. I can walk on an autumn evening in shirtsleeves and feel the moment when warm day meets the cool night.
1a. Autumn doesn't rush in. Summer lingers into autumn ever so gently. The two are friends, generously sharing their most beautiful nature.
2. Where have these asters been hiding all summer? Their deep purple blooms rise above the yellowing grass along country roads.
3. Sometimes it feels like my day consists of noting but running damage control. It can be exhausting. The positive part that makes it all worthwhile is when I've managed to plug all the dams and diffuse all the drama for one more day. If I can say, "Is that a smile I see?" then we are good.


  1. It is my most favorite time of the year - a good analogy about the friendship between summer and fall.

  2. Because I also enjoy fall, it seems to take forever to reach VA, aside from the colors. Temps will be in the high 80s again today...almost uncomfortably warm to work in the yard .