Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Treasure in the Bag, Say Hello, Partners

1. My lunch time doesn't roll around until 1:30 by which time I'm famished. If I have something exciting to eat, then I'm overjoyed. Today I packed half of an Italian sub from Subway that was leftover from our dinner last night. It's so rare that we purchase food out that a Subway sub is a special treat.  All this to say, I was famished, I had a rare and special treat for lunch, I was overjoyed.
2. Claire and the grandchildren arrived from Raleigh today to spend a couple of days. I set up the toys that Mari likes and after a coveted hug and kiss, she went straight to play.
2a. My empty arms were filled by ten-month-old Jack who smiled and made happy sounds at the dog.
3. I was glad to hear a cricket or two when I sat in the porch this evening. I know these mild evenings are numbered and hearing the crickets made me think there is another creature besides myself who will miss them too.


  1. sounds lovely.

    and thanks. you turned my mind to notice the crickets outside now.

  2. Cuddle while you can! I just had the same experience with 3.5 year old Mina - always on the move.

    Maybe I'll have Subway for lunch. Thanks!

  3. A surprise lunch treat and hugs as well made for a great day, Lee. This in between time of year is also my favorite.