Monday, September 9, 2013

The Waiting Game, From the Attic, Patton

1. Today began the school year routine of weekly piano lessons for Tess. I figure I've spent about one hundred and two hours waiting for her, mostly in my car. Here is how I spend that time in order of frequency.
  1. I take a nap in the car. I can only imagine how many of the teacher's neighbors have seen me sleeping with my mouth open.
  2. I read... until I get sleepy, see #1.
  3. I make a quick run over to the antique mall and poke around for something good. Today I found two vintage Christmas ornaments for our tree.
  4. I talk to my daughters or my mom on my cell phone.

2. I poked my head into a booth at the antique mall and smelled the most wonderful, old, sweet-musty scent of ancient stuff.
3. Our neighbors have a new puppy. He's a roly-poly, black, fluffy little guy who will grow up to herd sheep. He can't quite make it up the steps and his owner has to lift his little back end up to give him a boost.


  1. That's neat that you get time like that to poke around. And vintage ornaments are the best.

  2. I think all we mothers do that in the car while we're waiting. All of it. Today I even fell asleep at a barrel race. Since I can't ride because of my back, I have to sit there all day watching Kelly and even though I love horses and barrel racing and love Kelly, of course, many hours later it can get, dare I say it? a little boring. So today I climbed into the BED of the pickup truck and fell asleep in the sun. I stretched flat out because it felt good on my back. I heard someone ride by on her horse and she said, "Someone's asleep in the back of this truck!" Without opening my eyes, I yelled, "I'm not asleep! My back is broken!" lol

    The puppy sounds adorable.