Saturday, September 7, 2013

Summer's Long Farewell, The Flying Mouse

Photo by Tess
1. A morning hour spent in the garden while the sun was still low and the air still cool. I'm taking it easy today, recovering from a cold.
2. The porch stays shaded well into the afternoon now that the sun is lower. I spent most of this lazy day reading out there and napping : )
2a. I notice the crickets chirp all day long at summer's end. It somehow makes the day feel stretched out and held under a peaceful spell.
3. We drove a very short distance to the new craft brewery that opened this weekend in Troutville. It was a pleasant evening to sit on their patio at an umbrellad table by candlelight, cracking peanuts and sipping samples. I think The Flying Mouse has much to offer our little county and I wish them much success.