Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday Around the Home Place: Spaghetti Sauce and Garden

1. This recipe is set apart from all the others. It has faded type on a spattered index card that my mother dictated to me thirty-odd years ago. I breath in the smell of onions and garlic sauteing in olive oil. Later, the soft, bubbling sound of thick sauce simmering in the pan fills the kitchen with a lullaby. For me, it epitomizes a home in proper harmony.
2. Steve and I worked in the garden together, changing it from summer to fall. Cherry tomatoes popped under our feet as we maneuvered around the beds.
3. Problem One:I need a casserole pan and a bowl, both in white. Dilemma Two: It's 4:00 on a Saturday and I don't want to be out shopping. Solution: Marshall's! I found a Le Creuset casserole pan in white and a pretty white bowl. One stop shopping and I'm back home in an hour.
3a. I also found a set of four mini pie tins so, this evening I made four little peach pies.

Honeybees were all over the basil. We left it alone for them.

Yellow finches will enjoy the dried sunflower heads.

My parsley is covered in Swallowtail caterpillars. I think they are Black Swallowtail? I'll let them have the parsley.

Climbing roses are prettier now than they were all summer.

This photo represents how afraid the horses are of apples. They are so goofy. I heard them banging the feed pan during the night.


  1. I always thought horses *liked* apples. That is a great shot of the caterpillar.

  2. Now I'm in the mood to get a pot of sauce bubbling on the stove! I love that it says your house is in perfect harmony. Cooking smells like that just make a house feel like a home to me.

    And Marshalls is perfect for things like that.

  3. mmm any chance you would be willing to share your spaghetti recipe? it would be wonderful to have an 'authentic' recipe.
    with gratitude- thank you