Thursday, September 5, 2013

Out of Character, The Best Sleeping Weather, That's Life

1. A rough and tumble little boy sees my bracelet and he becomes unusually still and focused. He fingers the metal band on my wrist and in a voice filled with awe says, "It's verrrry beaauuutiful."
2. The days may be warm, but the nights are invitingly cool. Welcome September!
3. Five ladies dining at the local Mexican restaurant are having too much fun. Their brisk conversation is punctuated with frequent laughter. You would never know that between them they've experienced some of life's hardest knocks; broken marriages, loss of children and loved ones, sickness and strife. Still, they laugh and find joy and will say with surety, "God is good."


  1. That's lovely that those ladies got to have such a good time.

  2. the people who've been hurt the most understand laughter best and seek it most.