Sunday, September 15, 2013

Not Done Yet, Old and New, Now Featuring Yellow

1. And the tomatoes keep on coming. I roasted cherry tomatoes with new potatoes, garlic, rosemary and kalamata olives. I served this alongside baked cod for dinner. I also made a tomato pie, (again), for lunch the next day. I will never get tired of tomato pie.
2. It was good to see old friends return to church today.
2a. Steve made his first visit to The Town Center Tap House this evening to meet up with two men from church. There ended up being fourteen men from church : )
3. The foliage is shrinking back on trees and shrubs and the greens are turning to yellows and browns. Our very strong sunflower has bent to the ground in weariness. I break the stalk and lay the flowers out for the finches to peck. Summer has inevitably come to an end and a new color palette waits to greet us.


  1. Sure wish we had more tomatoes than this year's garden yielded. It seems we have had to wait quite a long time to gather enough for a salad. A too wet spring and very dry summer here ay have been factors. Glad you are enjoying a bumper crop, Lee. Cooler weather has arrived on the VA eastern shore as well, but mostly it's still green.

  2. I wish I could enjoy that new color palette - very little change here in the desert of Arizona!

    How wonderful that there was a whole gang from church at the tap house!

  3. I was just visiting my sister in White Post, Virginia and she had garden grown tomatoes, too. She made salsa - so good.