Friday, September 20, 2013

Be My Friend?, Friday!, General Tsao, Orange Beef and Thai Pad

1. Are ten-year-olds good judges of age? Because a girl that age told me I looked like I was thirty-something  and I so wanted to believe her.
2. Saying, "Have a good weekend!" to people as I leave work.
3. We dined at Cafe Asia with two of our daughters and a boyfriend. Not only was it fun to be out together, the food at this restaurant is outstanding.
3a. Dessert followed with friends at the home of our new pastor. Steve and I parked at the end of their country drive and enjoyed the walk.

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  1. I love Orange Beef if it's done well and it sounds as if this one was. The walk down the long driveway sounds delightful. And of course you look 30 something!