Friday, September 27, 2013

A Week in High Points

Here we go again! The week has gotten away from me, lost in the details. It's had its high points and low points. Since it's Friday, I'll focus only on the high points.

1. A friend wrote that she went to a wedding and they served cupcakes. What's up with cupcakes? During my commute the next morning this came up on my MP3 mix. I laughed out loud.

2. I am still taken aback when a child who barely knows me allows me to comfort him or her. One such little girl sobbed into my chest with hurt feelings. I tried to think of every encouraging thing to say while patting her curly head.
3. The look of pure joy when a teacher hands a child a lollipop.
3a. A boy won an ice cream ticket. It's worth all of seventy-five cents, but you'd think he won something huge by his reaction. He ran around, smiling from ear to ear, showing all his friends his prize.
4. Lacy asparagus leaves are covered in mist each morning.
5. A box full of apples and peaches delivered by neighbor W.
6. This mischievous little boy has gone and tied his shoes together. Obviously he can't walk when he stands up. I have to turn away to hide my laughter from him.
7. Phone calls from my daughters, photos of our grandchildren, husband returning home from a trip; the high points that keep the week in its proper perspective.


  1. What wonderful things - all of them. But I especially love that the little girl was comforted by you - she'll never forget that. I could so see children seeking comfort and wisdom from you, my friend.

  2. And a week well ended with family calls and photos too. Cupcakes seem to be the newest cake fad as we saw a couple of specialty stores here in Canada during our travels.