Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sorry! More Bugs, And Bug Eggs, A Guest for Dinner

1. I was picking some dill when I saw that I was not alone. A Black Swallowtail caterpillar needed the plant and I was willing to share. (This dill is a volunteer that came up in the middle of the wood pile. In the background is a sunflower that volunteered in the brick pile.)

2. There is a busy world beneath our feet. One of the dill leaves I pinched had tiny teardrop-shaped growths dangling there. These are Green Lacewing eggs.

I had already pinched the leaf before I noticed the eggs. I'll put the jar outside and maybe they will still hatch
3. Steve invited one of his bosses for dinner which gave me a perfect excuse to cook. I made the Mediterranean Chicken Packets with orzo and a Peach Almond Galette for dessert. We ate dessert on the porch and our over-worked guest, whose family is away, appreciated the peacefulness and beauty of the countryside.
3a. These chicken packets are fun to make. Folded, crisp parchment makes a tidy bundle. They remind me of lunchbox sandwiches wrapped in wax paper.
*Click on the highlighted recipe titles to link.

Boneless chicken breast, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, Kalamatta olives, Italian seasoning and olive oil


  1. I love the chicken packet idea. Would you by chance have a recipe you're willing to share? With thanks~

  2. Love it when plants "volunteer" - and the chicken sounds so good.