Sunday, August 4, 2013

Made Herself at Home, Green Striped Visitor, Aromatic Mulch

1. A sweet little toddler climbs onto my lap and rests her head on my chest. She's tired of play and just wants to watch the others while she rests. I feel privileged that she accepts me this intimately.
2. Tess told me about a visitor we had on the porch last week. I had not personally met him until today. I glanced over Steve's shoulder and there he was. He stayed in that spot for about forty-five minutes. I'm still not sure how I feel about this visitor. He's interesting, but I wouldn't want him crossing the threshold into the house.

He's in the center of the photo. That's Steve's shoulder on the bottom right.

He's on the inside alright.
3. The pine bark mulch we spread a few days ago smells wonderful!


  1. I can totally see a toddler warming up to you. I think you exude a quiet warmth.

  2. I would be freaking over that lizard.

  3. I saw him or his brother in the wood pile last year and wondered if he survived winter.