Sunday, August 25, 2013

I Selfishly Want More of These, On the James, A Southern Luau

I wish life would slow down so I could jump on. I've lost some days somewhere...

1. The weather was perfect for anything you could wish to do this weekend, (except puddle jumping).
80°, no humidity, and blue skies. I couldn't think what I wanted to do first!

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2. We spent a perfect afternoon with B. and J. kayaking a five mile stretch from Buchanan to Arcdia on the bucolic James River. The river bed is strewn with rocks. They are every size, shape and color. I love looking down into the water and seeing this other world below.
3. We had a shared meal at church and the tables were laden with good food. Two entire tables were reserved for desserts alone.
3a.We welcome our new pastor whom I had the honor of nominating alongside four other committee members. It is good to celebrate and I believe we will find cause to celebrate again and again. I wrote a brief introduction to Stephen here: The Botetourt View

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  1. Good job on the article and the nomination! He sounds as if he'll be a fine pastor.