Monday, August 12, 2013

An Orderly Gaggle, Finally!, This Way

1. A half dozen ladies set to work cleaning a house that's sat empty for a year. It's a labor of love for the family who will be moving into it.
2. I shall call our tomatoes, "Better Late Than Never". The sweet little cherry variety is ripening quickly now. The grape-like clusters range from green to orange to red.
2a. Harvesting and gathering satisfies a basic drive- of perhaps survival? Even when I go to the market for our food I consider myself to be hunting and gathering.
3. Those silly horses can't find their way to the gate at the upper field in order to get out to their grain. They look across the fence at me in a little panic. I trudge through the tall grass so they'll follow me to the gate and then, pied-piper style, follow me to their grain.

1 comment:

  1. Tomatoes are small this year, but tasty. I guess it's all the rain.