Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Slice of Long Weekend

1. According to the nature almanac; "Count the number of foggy mornings in August. This number will be the same as the number of snowfalls for the following winter." We've had many misty mornings this August. Won't it be fun to watch and see what winter brings?
2. In the early morning dark, while everyone is still asleep, I steal out to the porch with my coffee and a book.  I sit in the pool of light under my reading lamp until the sun comes up.
3. Last minute plans have company coming for an afternoon visit. There's potential for thirteen hungry people here. I run to the store and pick up some good quality hot dogs and buns. Steve makes a fire and the three dads roast hot dogs on sticks for everyone. They were the best tasting hot dogs I've had in a long while. Mine was blackened which is just as I like. We already had plenty of macaroni salad and peach cobbler and it turned out to make a fine meal.

4. We allow our grandchildren much more latitude than we allowed our children. I never would have permitted children on the table, for example. We mellow with age and it is good.
5. Jack scrunches his hand open and closed and says,"Bye" for the first time. Such a little thing like this and by our reaction you would think he recited the preamble of the Constitution or something.


  1. yes, mellow is just fine with me too :)

  2. My sisters say the same thing about their respective grandchild.

  3. Yes, things not allowed when we were growing up have become OK now, but never thought of it as mellowing with age.