Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A New Stick, Back to School, Coming Home

1. Tess' friend gave me a walking stick that he made. Its sturdy yet delicate form is made from a dogwood sapling. I call it a lady's stick. The worm holes in the handle add much character.

2. On the first day of school the hallways are noticeably sparkling and everything smells fresh and good. The children are all sparkling too. : ) 
2a. Last May I promised a boy that I would let him do his extremely loud whistle to silence the cafeteria on the last day of school. In the hectic activities of last day, we forgot. Lo and behold, he reminded me of my promise today. When I gave him the cue to go ahead, his face was a mixture of doubt, whether he should really be doing this, and joy, of being allowed to do something normally forbidden. His friends were impressed.

3. Coming home and finding this tranquil scene. Henri has chosen to sleep on my reading chair.

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  1. School hasn't started yet here on the VA eastern shore, but I believe it will be soon before Labor Day. We don't know anyone with school-age children, so won't know for sure until I see the yellow school buses.