Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Late Summer View From the Swing, Baggage and All, Say That Again?

1. Daughter #2 took these photos on a previous Labor Day weekend here.
2. From Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience today:

"The package you’re called to unpack everyday is who you really are —your real calling.
So unwrap your real storybecause if you deny your story, you deny not only yourself…  but you deny the very Author Who is writing your redemptive epic."

3. Some of the littlest children haven't outgrown their pronunciation issues just yet. A little first grade girl regularly calls me over and says, "I needa poo". Last year, when she was in kindergarten, I offered for her to use the restroom until she made it clear that what she needed was a spoon.


  1. The line the blue hills trace in the sky makes for a serene picture.

    How beautifully does the hint of a valley dance in the silence.

    I still have issues with some pronunciations from my childhood. I now loot at them as the only surviving links with my long gone childhood.

  2. The first photo just speaks of childhood and summer joy at least to me, Lee.

  3. I'm laughing about "needa poo" - ha! You are so good with them, Lee.

    Beautiful blue sky there.