Friday, July 26, 2013

Watching for Dawn-Floydfest, Sharing the Road, Tomato Pie

1. Driving before dawn means there's an adventure in the making. I'm taking Tess to meet up with a friend for Floydfest. This drive is my only part in the music festival, but seeing Tess' excitement makes me happy enough. Chelsea volunteered many times at Floydfest and she gave her sister the lowdown on surviving the fun. Today is Tess' rite of passage. Sixteen.

2. To the right of my car, a horse with a chocolate muzzle sticks its nose out of the trailer. At the same time, on my left, a black Dachshund, also with a chocolate muzzle, sticks his head out the window of a beat up Toyota pick-up. He sits on his old man's lap. They both make me smile. We're all going down the road together.
3. For dinner, I made a summer recipe I just cannot get enough of, Old Fashioned Tomato Pie.
Two of us ate all but one piece.

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  1. I have never heard of Floydfest. And that pie sounds delicious.