Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Visit, Filling the Time, New Cuisine

1. Chelsea and Chad phoned and we had our first Skype call today! I was so excited, my initial urge was to reach through the screen to hug them. We chatted and visited just as though they were here in the room with us. It was a balm to my heart, seeing them today for the first time in four months.
1a. I'm thankful for Claire and Daniel giving us the camera and setting up the Skype account. This was a most kind gift for me to be able to use this today.
2. The afternoon was dragging on so we played a game of Scrabble. The evening also dragged on, so we sat on the porch after dark, lit candles and listened to the cicadas. I think of how blessed we are to have these simple comforts and to even have the luxury of being bored.
3. I entered new territory and cooked Cuban Black Beans and Rice today. It was slightly fussy with all the ingredients for the Sofrito and Mojo and fried plantain. But, what else did I have to do today anyway? And it was well worth the effort in flavor!

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  1. My sister near Winchester, VA has Skype all set up for when her oldest daughter, SIL and only granddaughter go back to Turkey to live. He is currently in DC at the embassy and they've been in the states ever since three-year-old Mina was born. Her heart is breaking already so Skype should help.

    I make a vegetarian version of black beans and rice that has a nice lime flavor. Yours sounds yummy.