Sunday, July 14, 2013

In Season, Feed Me!, Creatures of the Night

1. I picked a small bowl of blackberries and left them on the counter for anyone to eat. I don't actually see anyone eating them, but the bowl is gone sometime later.
2. The trumpet vine houses a new batch of baby birds. By the sound of their high-pitched cries, we can tell they aren't mockingbirds. These are house finches, who sound much sweeter.
3. The neighbors tell me that those plops are coyote scat. He says wherever we walk and they smell our scent, they will leave their scat as marking. This is why I see it along our driveway. They come practically right up to the house!


  1. The coyotes can be a problem. We have them, too. Have you heard them howl at night? Makes your hair stand on end.

  2. Excusee moi mais je ne comprend pas très bien l`anglais et pour ca je peut ecrir n`apporte quoi dans les commentaires !
    Mais si non comment allez vous ? Tout va bien ? Chez moi SUPER CHOUETTE j`ai un petit frere ! Les fots sur mon blog! ;0)

    Bonne journée !!

    xxx Maria xxx