Monday, July 8, 2013

Hot Water, Keeping Cool, Getting A Trim

1. The sound of the hot water heater catching on is one of the vital signs that my home is functioning again. Thank you Mr. Technician! It really wasn't a hardship to be without hot water for a day and a half, but Tess and I were beginning to feel ready to have it back.
2. Throughout our afternoon at the pool, several children timidly come up to my chair and ask, "Aren't you from my school?" and  "Are you my teacher or something?" One or two simply stand beside me, smiling without saying a word. (Children can be disconcerting that way.) Tess thinks it funny that I'm so famous : ) I am wearing sunglasses so I do feel a bit of the celebrity.
3. Our lawn and gardens have never been this green in the month of July! It's finally dry enough to mow the grass and that is how I happily spent the evening. I also trimmed the Nandina to look more tree-like as we saw at one of the gardens on Saturday. B. wrote that she did hers and encouraged me to try it.

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  1. Love that those kids recognize you as someone positive in their lives.