Thursday, July 25, 2013

Crazy Nice Weather, The Domino Effect, Team Dynamics

1. The drier, cooler air is an energy boost. I carefully plan how I will best use this precious gift of a day and spend it wisely.
2. I ate my lunch on the porch. (After I swept it, washed its doors and gave them a fresh coat of paint.) It was so nice, I decided to write my shopping list out there. This inspired me to thumb through my cookbooks to decide what to prepare for meals next week. Thumbing through my cookbooks inspired me to cook some tasty summer meals that I can't wait to cook. Now I'm even excited about going to the market to shop tomorrow!
3. After dinner, Steve and I retired to the porch to listen to our audio book for a little while. Around 7pm. we agreed to go back out to the garden and work on the paths together. He did the heavy work and I assisted. I explained my vision for the paths and he made it happen from the practical side.

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