Sunday, July 21, 2013

Close But No Cookie, Good Read, The Man Handled It

1. On the highway leaving NY, Tess says, "The sign looks like it says Downton Abbey". At a glance it does. In reality it says Downtown Albany.
2. We listened to a very good book on CD while we drove. Take a peek at Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. We still hadn't finished it when we got home, so we're listening to it on the porch now.
3. This trip was a little draining on me. Perhaps it was the heat. I was not feeling well when we got home and it was nice that Steve cooked some rice and noodle stuff for our dinner. Steve does not cook unless he's hiking (or brewing beer) and this was hiking food, but it was still very good.


  1. Long trips are draining - so nice that your husband took care of dinner.

  2. good man~ hope you're feeling better now

  3. I heard someone say cookie. they also work for dinner.