Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Carefree, Canning Jars and Freezer, Rain Chain

1. Daughter #1 took some great photos during their visit back home in New York. I especially like this one of Mari running in Samascott's cherry orchard. I used to run in this very same orchard when I was a child and our daughters ran in it when they were little. These are the things we try to do when we go home- visit favorite places and make a few new memories.
2. Harvest time is rolling in and I scratch my head and wonder how to process the bounty. It's a blessing of a challenge and I'm happy when there's plenty to share.

3. More rain. I leave my chores undone and go to the porch to sit and listen. I'm thinking about this rain chain we saw in one of the gardens last Saturday. It would be perfect on the corner of our porch where the downspout runs. The cups make the gentle sound of rain even prettier.


  1. Mari will probably treasure that photo one day - my mind went to the slide show someone put together and showed at the rehearsal dinner the night before my niece Abby got married. I can just see Mari running in the orchard in the photos of her life.

  2. What a lovely post! The photos and your meditative words. I love listening to the rain. :)

  3. i'm imagining the sound of the rain chain, sounds like it's time to make one for our home ~