Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A True Gentleman, Cats and Dogs in Buckets plus a Few Gullywashers, Loved the Sauce

1. Something so uncommon that it borders on chivalry; an older gentleman walks out to the curb with his umbrella to escort us into his house. (I was wearing a hooded slicker so I made a run for it.)
2. This rain is indulgent, to say the least. Other than being a soggy nuisance to gardens and people's ruined vacations, I rather love it. We slept with the windows open and to the peaceful lullaby of rain.
3. I made this vegetarian, gluten-free dish for dinner tonight. As Daughter #2 says, "It's deelicious!".


  1. a rain smells lovely.

    hm, we have all the ingredients for that. might try it soon.

  2. I think it's raining all over the world... My afternoon walk got rained out, so I went to the mall to walk instead. A dismal substitute! I only lasted 30 minutes. :)

    Lovely of the man to come out with his umbrella. And that Pad Thai sounds delish indeed!

  3. There is nothing more relaxing than falling asleep to the sound of raindrops . . . bliss. Pad Thai sounds fabulous!