Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Big One, A Reason to Go Out, Listening

1. We pulled out of our driveway with wipers sweeping at the rain. We had just barely got up to speed when I had to slow down for a bear in the road. I stopped the car for fear of hitting him, but he kept moving and lumbered across the road. He briefly turned to look at us as he went across and I noticed the light colored pads on the bottom of his feet. It's always a thrill to see these creatures.
2. We continued on with lots of errands today. I made a list and we made more stops than I can even count. Most of them were fun and the not-fun ones, like the Verizon store, even turned out to be OK.
3. Still raining this evening...A pileated woodpecker hammers loudly at a tree across the field and the sound echoes through the falling rain.


  1. You and the bear had a live and let live moment there. :) Sounds like a lovely day.

  2. I have not seen a bear this year! And those woodpeckers are very hard to photograph.