Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sitting Quietly, Sheep Herding, A Boy and a Dog

1. Mari sits on my lap in church. She molds my hands this way and that in order for them to hold her toy turtle.

Wearing Nonni's hat.
A pocketful of grass and clover.


Tobasco has her turn. She did a splendid job- very cool and purposeful.
2. Neighbor W. invites us over to watch the sheep herding. His dog, Tobasco and two others are having their lessons today. Daniel explains to Mari that the dogs are herding the sheep. She asks if the sheep are crying. He explains the difference between herding and hurting.
2.a. The dog trainer says watching sheep herding is like watching paint dry.

Happy Birthday, Claire!

3. Jack didn't care for Henri on Friday; he cried at every glimpse of the animal. By Sunday they were becoming fast friends and Henri could make Jack smile.


  1. I like all of it - especially the solemn concentration with which Mari puts grass and clover in her pocket.

  2. Photos of grandkids are so much fun to take and share, thanks Lee. We spent several days with our own 2 grandchildren last week and photos (more) will be posted soon on our blog.

  3. Mari is gorgeous. Look at those lips! Well, they're all goodlooking--Claire and Jack too. Is this an Irish family? The names...

  4. All delightful - love Mari in your hat! I would love watching that sheep herding, I think.