Sunday, June 30, 2013

Now Showing, Fly Away, Coming Soon

1. Masses of orange day lilies spring from the road banks. What must have started as a few bulbs are now spread in swaths along entire stretches of road.
2. I take my coffee to the porch and watch the morning ritual of noisy crows with their young in the field. The fledglings make a raucous sound, begging for mother crow to keep feeding them. On the lawn, the mockingbirds do the same with sounds that are beginning to be just as annoying. I'm sure those mothers will be glad when these young are off on their own.
3. The congregation voted unanimously in favor of the pastoral candidate we have nominated to our church! Dozens and dozens of man-hours perusing nearly a hundred applications with thoughtful consideration and prayer have been fruitful. It has been an emotional day and I am pleased for so many reasons, but mostly that our congregation is happy with the match God has made for us.


  1. Many things to be thankful for seem to be happening,Lee. I too have watched young birds beg beyond the time they could fend for themselves.

  2. Congrats on getting the right person for the job - that's a blessing.

  3. You reminded me of a house we lived in when I was a child and the front of the house was gagging with brilliantly orange and Yellow Tiger Lilies. Thanks for the memory! xxoo

  4. Congratulations on your new pastor--that's an exciting time for everyone involved--I should know... Thanks for stopping by my blog.