Sunday, June 9, 2013

New in the Nest, Needs Good Home, Replenishing the Well

1. Each time Mother Mockingbird returns to her nest in the trumpet vine, we hear her babies cry out to her.
2. Neighbor W. offered us some orphaned plants that needed a home. Steve drove us over in the truck and W. gave us the willow cotoneaster I had been planning to buy, Shasta daisies, grasses, and a corkscrew willow. I had to say no to the beautiful rhododendron because I couldn't think of a good place to plant it. I really don't know where to plant the willow either, but it was too pretty to turn down and we'll come up with a plan for it. Now I just hope I can do these plants justice by nurturing them properly.
3. Thunder rumbles off in the distance as I watch the horses greedily munch their grain. I grab the feed pans as soon as they finish and make it back inside just before the first big drops begin to fall. W. says it will rain all day tomorrow. I'm good with that.

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  1. That's lovely that the mockingbird built close to your house like that, so you can be a part of it all.