Friday, June 28, 2013

Long Distance, Better Than Texting, Man With Flowers

1. While sitting on the porch, I keep hearing someone's muffled voice like in a bad phone connection. The pitch goes up and down and it sounds frantic at times. I walk to the screen and look this way and that because sound can travel in unusual ways in these hills and hollows and it is a breezy day. When I figure it out, I have to laugh. The bees are in the trumpet vine flowers talking to themselves and they get upset when they can't get out.
2. When I see Daughter #3 tonight, I realize that I haven't seen her in a while. She's been away, we've been away, she's at school all summer...our paths haven't crossed in more than a week. So, when I see her, she looks bright and fresh and glowing; a sight for a mother's sore eyes.
3. A man is helping me carry things to my car. He has the vase of flowers and as he walks, he sniffs the bouquet. "Mmm! What is this?" Another sniff, "It smells so good!" That would be lavender : )


  1. Like so much more to listen to the buzzy bees than to a person screeching in her cellphone... It shocked me a bit when I was in London to see so many mothers giving ALL their attention to their mobile, none to their lovely child.

  2. Love Lavender. Ours is in bloom at the moment. I need to pick some to dry before it disappears. I've been reading but not commenting. My days keep getting away from me. xxoo

  3. Lavender in the summer. Bliss.

    Lu was at basketball camp (her first overnight camp) all week this past week. She left for camp the day I returned from my 2nd residency and our paths did not cross. She had to leave for Maine early in the day. When I finally picked her up a couple of days ago, in Maine, it had been more than two weeks since I'd seen her. In that short time, it seemed she'd grown ever-so more mature, and definitely "fresh and glowing." Oh yes, a sight for sore eyes! I don't suppose that ever changes. :)

  4. I LOVE the scent of lavender.