Saturday, June 15, 2013

Little Guest, Happy Boy, Blessings Abound

1. There is a sweet and dear little girl sleeping in the guest room. She brought all of her special lovies and blankets to cuddle while she sleeps. It was my privilege to read her a stack of books at bedtime.
2. Her baby brother sleeps upstairs with his parents. I plan to cover his chubby arms and legs with kisses as soon as he wakes and is carried down. When he smiles at me it will melt my heart : )
3. It's been a perfectly gorgeous weekend with cool nights and comfortable, sunny days. June weekends typically contain so much activity and this was no exception. Once I have access to the guest room again (where my computer and camera cord are situated) I will post all the beautiful things from this particular June weekend.

1 comment:

  1. My sister says she never knew she could love someone so much as she loves her grandson - I see you have been bitten by the love bug, too.