Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Shepherd, The Garage Revisited, Food of the Angels

1. Our little church, who has been floundering for a year without a shepherd, has found a man to come. We will present him to the congregation this weekend for their approval. Tonight, he has arrived in town with his family and as we meet again and embrace, I am overwhelmed with joy.
2. Growing up in New York, Steve and I both had uncles who turned their garages into summer rooms each year. It was so typically 1960's suburbia and we have fond memories of family picnics in those garages. Tonight we got to relive those memories when some dear, older friends opened their garage for a picnic.Yup, it feels the same- folding chairs, plastic tablecloths, oil stains on the cement floor and all!
3. The two batches of lemon bars I was baking (to send out) only needed the egg yolks, so I whipped up the whites and made an angel food cake for us to keep. It's a rare treat to bake one of these since they require an entire dozen egg whites. We enjoyed its rarity for dessert and again for breakfast : )


  1. Our neighbors across the street are from Buffalo, and they turn their garage into a summer room too!

  2. All three of these posts are lovely- wish we could be there!

  3. I like that you had cake for breakfast. :)